Monday, 7 November 2011

Appropriately inappropriate...

Tomorrow is day 14. When you hear people say 'it's like living in a bubble' or 'time has no meaning' it all sounds a bit melodramatic, but believe me when I say that the past two weeks have been like living in an alternate where the heating is on too high and copious cups of tea are mandatory.

Up to now we have ricocheted about in shock, but today was particularly shocking as, after two weeks of having the worst case continuously replayed and reinforced, the messages from the medical team abruptly changed to be about moving him out of ITU, rehabilitation and the future. They are still keen to stress that 'he's not out of the woods yet' and 'there is a long and difficult journey ahead with no guarantees' (cheerful bunch), but this change in tone and expectation literally left us speechless...which is fairly unexpected in itself!

All this is both joyous and terrifying, but mainly amazing as it means we are at the start of a journey and not at the end of one as we had feared.

During this time it is the inappropriate that has kept us from crumbling: the bad jokes, ill time questions and innocent yet jaw dropping comments have ensured we continue to giggle and tease each other. My favourite form today is courtesy of my sister who, on setting out from work for the hospital this evening announced that she hoped to be there 'before knocking it on the head time'...priceless, my Jake will approve!

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