Thursday, 7 March 2013

Remember this

Our wedding in New York
Our honeymoon in California
Our beautiful new home
Our roles
Our rules
Our plans
Our secrets
Your degree
Your second career
Your colleagues
Your words
Your age
Your triumphs, trials, decisions and set-backs
My flaws
My quirks
My fears
My dreams name

These memories may be lost to you my love, but they are just moments in time and I promise you we will make more.

So, if you remember nothing else remember this; my name doesn't matter because I will love you every day, forever; you are truly amazing and we have literally millions of new moments ahead together with which to make new, wonderful memories.

Lets start today.


  1. Beautiful blog, Mrs. K. Poignant. Elegant in its simplicity. Huge hugs to you and your Jake.

  2. Beautiful Mrs K, just beautiful.