Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Uno mas por favor

Quick update from sunny(ish) Spain.  It is chuffing hot, but a bit cloudy and apparently we're going to have the mother of all storms tomorrow.

You'll be pleased to hear that I have achieved my goal of bumming around and drinking too much, but I'm afraid I caved and unpacked.  I tried not to, honestly, but I could feel my clothes eyeing me with disdain and it was putting me off my mojito.

The apartment is ridiculously huge and I regularly find myself in the lounge sighing in irritation because I've left something in the bedroom and will have to get a taxi back to get it! Seriously, what do I need with two such huge bathrooms? The only thing for it seems to be to use a different one for each requirement, if you see what I mean ;o).  It is also lovely to have a fully equipped kitchen with a large fridge freezer for the gin and ice and a dishwasher for the laziness.

As to where I am staying, I wandered down into Puerto Banus yesterday and declare myself unimpressed; it's ugly and over commercial.  The mix of the ostentatious wealth set and the package holiday Primark brigade is truly bizarre and the overall effect is that of a very confused and overly self conscious bad taste fancy dress party. Fortunately I am 2km away in a really quiet area and the apartment complex is very private and chilled. This morning I had the pool and hot tub just behind my apartment completely to myself; bliss.  I am now sat in the local bar making the most of their free wifi and very reasonably priced mojitos.  Tough gig huh?

Of course the main reason I am here is to switch off from all things brain injury and relax.  Unfortunately Jake chose Monday night (yes, that's right, my first night here) to fall and badly cut his eye necessitating a trip to A&E in an ambulance.  He is fine by the way as he was at the weekend when he bounced his head off the edge of the radiator. Apparently Jake has yet to connect his current lack of balance with the laws of gravity and seems to be on a mission to prove how much more bouncy his head is since the accident. It's not.

Suffice to say I didn't get very much sleep on Monday night and had a serious attack of the 'bad wife' heebies.  Just in case I let go of this and relax too much though he's calling me at least twice a day to remind me how much he's missing me and how miserable he is. Ho hum.

Give me a g "G", give me a u "U"' give me an i "I", give me an l "L", give me a t "T", what have you got? The need for a lot more mojitos...bartender? Uno mas por favor! 

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