Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Is that you Worzel?

Having really rather let me down last year, the Universe has clearly decided to cut me some slack and look after me a bit more in 2012.  This has led to my being genuinely happy for the first time in 8 months.  For those that know me well this will make sense and you will be remembering a generally giddy individual with an appalling sense of humour and a tendency to speak before thinking (self awareness, it's a beautiful thing).  It is however confusing for those that didn't meet pre-accident Charlie as it must seem like I've done a Worzel Gummidge and changed my head! (If you don't know who Worzel Gummidge is then I make no apology; it's your own fault for being sickeningly young).

Anyways up, shall I stop prevaricating and cut to the chase?  Jake is now safely ensconced in the Hotel Glenside and it is safe to say that after just 10 days the difference is tangible and unbelievably exciting. He has initially been admitted to a ward which focuses on modifying challenging behaviour and to Jake's loved ones this was a tough reality, but an understandable one; he's always been such a considerate, gentle man and seeing him communicate his frustration in such an uncontrolled way is completely alien and often distressing.  The 24 weeks funding we have been fortunate to secure is sufficient to enable Jake to remain on this secure ward long term if necessary and we were all starting to come to terms with this as a real possibility.  Apparently not!  In a meeting with Andrew the Ward Manager yesterday I was told that Jake simply doesn't need to be there; his behaviour is completely appropriate for this stage of his recovery and the challenges he is facing and they will therefore be transferring him to the general rehab pathway as soon as a bed is available. Andrew added that Jake is far too nice for them and the staff keep being thrown by his ability to reflect and apologise and he doesn't want them to get too used to this; hurrah! 

It may take several weeks for a bed to become available on the Bourne rehab ward, but the team working with him now will work with the Bourne team to ensure that they are incorporating the Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT) approach that underpins Glenside rehab treatment. (CRT is very different to CBT and there is a good description of how it works here:

It has also been brought home to me by the Glenside team this week what a miracle Jake is.  He has always been my miracle as I never believed I would be loved by such an extraordinary person; it seems that he is also a medical miracle as the severity and location (left hemisphere) of Jake's injuries mean that he should not have achieved even a fraction of the recovery he has already made and we are still at the early stages of his rehab journey. That man rocks!

The final piece of my happiness puzzle this week has been a call that I had with the CEO of Blue Sky.  If you know me well you will know that I love that company as much now as I ever have in the 12 years I have been lucky enough to work there.  I was beginning to think that I may not be able to continue to work with them due to the level of flexibility I will need to fulfil my priority role as Team Leader of Project Jake's Joy.  Not so; CEO (which now stands for Chief Excellent Officer) called to discuss the perfect role which will enable me to stay part of the Blue Sky family, maintain the flexibility I need to support Jake and do the thing I love most; writing!  Still t's too cross and i's to dot, but I should be starting back on the 1st October. Amazing!

So all in all, hope continues to go up.  Architects are coming on the 10th to complete a survey of our home so they can make recommendations as to how Korving Towers will need to be developed to meet Jake's needs and my beautiful man will be coming home for his first overnight visit on the 14th (which also happens to be my Birthday; coincidence? I think not!), so stay tuned for more news on the direction of our hope.

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