Thursday, 29 March 2012

Guilt, hope and revenge!

OK, so I'm just going to confess before writing anything else. Yesterday I went home and left the side of Jake's bed down. Jake is desperate to escape. Put these two things together and what do you get? Jake stranded on the floor having banged his face.

Think you've experienced guilt? You have NO idea. I spent last night wide awake waiting for the call to tell me that he'd had another bleed etc. I called the hospital at 11pm and again at 7am and he is, of course, absolutely fine.

In fact, when I hot footed it back to Boot Camp last night with my heart in mouth to see what I'd done, I asked Jake where he hurt and he pointed to his stomach...turns out he was hungry because they'd delayed his feed until they knew he was ok!

My job is fundamentally about creating lasting behavioural change through creating internalised emotional connections to the need to change by making it personal. I'm thinking I've probably internalised the need to make sure I always put the side of the bed up before I leave! No additional coaching needed here.

In other news, the environmental visit went well, particularly as I'm a sucker for a compliment and the Occupational Therapist thinks we have a 'really lovely’s perfect'...preen, preen (that'll be my high significance driver - I can hear my colleagues guffawing!).

This means that Jake will be coming home for the first time on Tuesday, accompanied by the OT and his keyworker Jackie, who is a specialist nurse and a truly lovely lady. Then, assuming that goes well, over the Easter weekend I will be bringing him home on my own twice. Excited? Hopeful? Anxious? Bricking it? Oh yeah!

I say he's coming home for the first time because Jake has no memory of our new home. Nada, nowt, shag all in fact. Weird. Cue frantic decorating, cleaning and tidying; I know, I'm an idiot, I just can't help myself.

In even further news, a magistrate will be considering Jake's case on Monday. If 'that woman' pleads guilty by post it should all be resolved on Monday and we can move forward with the civil case. If she pleads not guilty then a further court date will be set that all parties and our star eye witness will be called to. On the one hand I'd quite like it all to be wrapped up on Monday, on the other I'd quite like to get the opportunity to sit in the same room as her and throw hard back copies of the Highway Code at her head and paper her car with pictures of Jake in intensive care. I know that this is not the adult thing to do and that it will attract negative energy and all that sort of gubbins, but...yada yada yada...she broke my Jake and we will make her pay mwahahahaha!!!!

So, next week is a big week, therefore next week's blog is likely to be a long one. You have been warned!

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