Monday, 6 February 2012

Boot camp harmony

And so we wait...again.

That really does seem to have been the overriding theme for this whole situation and my life in general at the moment; waiting.

Jake is safely installed in Poole hospital as we wait for Boot Camp to begin. Boot Camp is the Portland Ward, the rehab unit where Jake will start to follow a structured routine of occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy. There are breakfast and lunch clubs, activity clubs and even cooking clubs! The Sister of Portland Ward has already warned me that we are likely to fall out and is using words like 'discipline', 'rules' and 'strict' and everything I hear and read about brain injury rehabilitation tells me that Jake and those of us who love and support him may be in for a tough time... boot camp style.

Despite this I can't wait for us to start. Jake becomes more present every day and yesterday he and I were both frustrated and upset by my inability to understand him. In the rare moments he is truly present he is mumbling and whispering and I am desperate to be able to respond, help and understand. I am resorting to a sort of exaggerated mix between charades and 20 questions and Jake (and any member of the medical team who happen to be passing) looks at me like I have gone completely mad. Which of course I have!

We know that the Jake we get back will be different and the longest wait of all is to see to what that difference is, but I am excited by the possibility of what the Boot Camp team can do and am determined to prove to the team that with their experience and my superior communication skills (ahem), we can avoid the predicted fallings out and work together as a harmonious Team Korving. Ha ha.

All this lies ahead of us and for now we must hold steady as we wait for a Boot Camp bed to become available.

In the meantime, can anyone recommend a good communications skills book?!

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  1. When you get frustrated with the staff, just hug them ...