Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bah humbug

This week has seen me rip the bumper off my beautiful car (which means I can't get to see Jake), the toilet become comprehensively blocked (ewww) and my special 'Christmas Cold' gift arrive.  Frankly I am not feeling all that seasonal, despite having adorned Korving Towers with an embarrassment of sparkly, tacky Christmas tat.

In a vain attempt to look on the bright side I can report that the new bumper will mean I lose the only scrape I had on the car, I know a very cunning way of unblocking toilets without having to call someone out and getting the cold out of the way now means I won't be infecting various family members over Christmas.  Oh, and it's given Jake a chance to be supportive which he excels at and which will make him feel good.

Nope, still feel grumpy!

In other news, work on Korving Towers is moving at pace and the plan is to have the majority of the work done before Christmas.  The builders are working incredibly hard and are cheerful, charming and polite, although I imagine the endless supply of tea and biscuits helps.  They are all sporting Santa hats this morning, so I shall get them some mince pies as well!

Jake is all ready for his move to the student house on Thursday (thankfully we were always going to use my sister's car for that!).  We made a cake together at the weekend to say thank you to the team at the rehab hotel and it took me an hour to clean up the kitchen afterwards; he couldn't quite get that you need to keep the electric whisks IN the mixture,  otherwise you pebble dash everything in cake mix!  I think it turned out OK though:

The main bit of news I suppose is that I have made a decision about the future.  At the last review meeting it was suggested that Jake could be in residential rehab for up to another 12 months.  You may think this is really selfish, but I have asked his team to work on the basis that it will be 6 months.  Jake and I have only been married 3 years and we have spent a year of it living apart since his accident.  He will still be able to access rehab and therapies during the day, but we both desperately want to be back together and so we are working towards him being back at Korving Towers by the Summer; 20 months after his accident.

Life isn't the same without him and I'm sure my seasonal spirit will return on Christmas Eve when he comes home for four days.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and remember to cherish this time with those you love; you never know what is around the corner.

Ho, Ho....no sorry, can't do it ;o)


  1. Hi. I'm a friend of Danielle and have been following yr blog with both laughter & tears. Have a super Xmas with Jake @ home & feel better v soon. Deana xx

    1. Thanks Deana - I think I have man flu which is MUCH worse than a brain injury, obviously!!
      Maybe we'll meet at next Year's wedding :)
      Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for reading x

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I don't think your dream is selfish at all—I think it is entirely understandable.

    As a person who researchers and works in brain injury rehabilitation, I've been thinking about the experience of being in a rehabilitation services at Christmas time myself this week. See: www.synapseproject.org/updates/2012/season-to-taste

    1. Thanks Duncan - I'll let you know how we get on!

  3. Hello, I am not sure precisely how I came to your blog but I read it with tears, laughter and enormous respect. You are a brilliant writer and I hope the next move for Jake goes well and christmas! Georgina (I am a radiographer in New Zealand)

    1. Thanks Georgina.
      My husband is a radiographer and my brother lives in NZ, so there's bound to be some complex route to finding us in there somewhere!
      Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for reading :)